Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu, founded in 1447 by renowned spear and swordsman Iizasa Chōisai Ienao, is one of Japan’s oldest continuously-practiced bujutsu, or classical martial arts. It has been passed down from teacher to student through generations. Uniquely among the martial arts schools of Japan, members from all social classes were welcome to join and the fundamental position was “Turn no one away, nor rope them back in”.


The Atlanta school of Katori is under Tetsutaka Sugawara Sensei, founder of Sugawara Sogo Budo. Students study the use of the Japanese sword, or Katana, the staff (Bo) and halberd (Naginata), and learn the art of sword drawing (Iaijutsu) and combat through practice of single and partner kata.

We are located at 116 Center St, Avondale Estates, GA 30002. Please feel free to contact us at the link above or stop by to watch a class!

Tenshin Shoden Katori Shinto Ryu